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The Cue School has managed to garner an extensive billiards library in print and video, an accomplishment of which we are justifiably proud.

Our challenge is how to best share this library, more importantly, the billiards information in this library with you the billiards enthusiast

To start, we'd like you to be able to explore our billiards collection's catalogue, , which is available also with the help of our writing service  From there we'll try to provide you with some highlights as to a volume's content and lastly allow and provide reviews and commentary or specific volumes.

Initially, we weren't going to provide commentary on volumes out of print or otherwise unavailable but we've reconsidered and everything is up for review.  On this latter point, we're hoping against hope that awareness will trigger interest and interest will move someone to republish some of the lost works because not only are they historically significant, they are monstrously  beautiful and informative.

A note on our cataloguing.  If a book or video seemed to have significant content on a theme or in an area we gave it a logical yes.  For our recommendations we tried to assess the audience more than the content.  That is, if we felt that most players reading it would gain then we recommended it.  If we felt that almost any player reading it would gain we highly recommended it.

This in no way denigrates or dismisses books and videos we didn't recommend.  Some of them provide great insights and would be monstrous additions to some people's libraries.  Someday we'll find a way, maybe in the reviews, to highlight these special volumes for the few or special players who would most benefit or appreciate.

Flagged for novice simply means that a novice player would do well to start with this work.  Some things, while of benefit to all players, are most readily seen, appreciated and utilized by advanced players.  By the same token, being flagged for novice doesn't mean not for advanced, in fact, virtually anything flagged for novice could be equally flagged for advanced.

One last note, there will be few reviews for a while because we are re-reading everything before we write the review (can't trust our memory anymore).  If there is anything you'd like to know about now, drop us a note and we'll get to it post haste.

In the meantime, please forgive our growing pains.  We are having a lot of trouble getting access to our database online.  Adding a search destroys it, limiting the number of records shown at one time refuses to allow a scroll.  We'll keep working at it, someday we'll get it right. 

Please drop us a line with any comments, queries or suggestions.

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