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"... If the difference is that women bear and men beget children, then this does not amount to a proof that women differs essentially from man in respect to the sort of education she should receive.  The gifts of nature are diffused alike in both; so the pursuits of men might be the pursuits of women …

…this must be the law for it is agreeable to nature and therefore not an impossibility; while the contrary practice, prevailing at present, is, in reality, a violation of nature."

Excerpts from Plato's The Republic

Plato's The Republic contains his ideas for the best possible society. In the work, Socrates, proposes radical social change (especially given the context of ancient Greece's treatment of women) and is often considered to represent Plato's view; it is, certainly, ours.

The 2004 SGMA International survey of sports in the United States found that of the more than forty million billiards participants, in the US, only 37% were women.

Given that we can see no factor of sex that would inhibit or limit a women in the pursuit of this sport, we, at The Cue School, are dedicated to equalizing the participation levels at 50:50. It is further our belief that, in this sport, women at their highest levels ought to be able to compete equally with men at their highest levels.



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